Exploring the possibilities that solid wood offers, LLUSSÁ Marcenaria uses traditional joint techniques to product its
contemporary furniture collection. The design starts
from the analysis of the daily use of each furniture; it is formally and functionally innovative, explores the beauty and poetry of the straight lines.
Graduated in architecture in University of Sao Paulo and Fine arts at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, Juliana Llussá designs and follows step by step the development and production of all pieces.
The company involved with the problem of preserving the environment, acquires wood from communities certified by the FSC and from companies that have authorization from IBAMA.
The names of the pieces are a tribute to the Catalan origin of the designer.

The drawing

The furniture design expresses the essence of functionality and comfort resulting in a contemporary aesthetic of straight lines.
Ideas come from direct work with solid wood – a valuable raw material that must be respected when thinking of a design: the design does not have excesses and the functional and ergonomic essence is the starting point for the creation of the furniture.
LLUSSÁ Marcenaria uses traditional joint techniques, without the use of screws and nails.
The production is handmade involving labor formed in the Llussá Marcenaria, since this type of work is becoming increasingly rare.
All the pieces take advantage of this constructive method: the joints.